Moon Goddess

Deusa Lunar

They say you loved Apollo

The brightest god of all

In his glory the sun fooled you

And thus Luna rose to heaven

So that she could never fall

They say you were a huntress

Who ran with arrow and bow

If beast was her friend

Man was Diana’s foe

They say you were a keeper

Of roads, of keys, of the netherworld

With Hecate came her hounds

She was maiden, mother and crone

In the dark of the crescent

Do I see your eye?

Are you a woman or a frog

The sprouting of the crop

The one who breaths life?

Why is woman mystery and fright?

Is she not blood and air in the lungs of a child?

Is she not love and nature and might?


Are you but a mirror in the sky

Of all the tales this earth has birthed

On gods and witches alike?

Strangely similar to species sweeping,

Sucking the planet’s old sweet spirits?

When my spheres perceive you

An iris of light in the night,

A pearl of dreams in flight,

How my mind is mesmerized!

By your ever-changing sight,

Such as I am in constant shift

My own swaying tides

Do rise and subside

Still! A lover is no lunatic

The moon may not make me mad!

I shuffle my deck

To use as ailment

For my aching head.

Now I see:

In my foolish quest

I did not find a king of cups

Or a knight bearing sword.

Her card chose my hand,

Eight and ten in gold

And she said to me:

Do not fear the unknown

The other world

Where spectres sleep,

Do dwell in dreams!

Those eternal stars

Which turn the chariot’s wheels.

May I gift you the gloom of the universe?

For her I howl the sound of my verse.

Mariana Bicudo Cunha

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