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This time last year I attended a research conference here in New York City. During a conversation with a fellow colleague I shared my resentment toward the negative perceptions against Black women. That we are somehow expected to uphold an unattainable balance of composure and strength at all times. The same strength that was compromising my own wellbeing. In response, they simply asked “What are possible pathways for Black women to redefine strength?” This very question would later became the roots to my response. I was reintroduced to our collective power to redefine the mental health landscape as we know it. To Redefine Our Womanhood.

Redefining Our Womanhood is a wellness service providing accessible, holistic and experiential mental health care. At the foundation, Redefining Our Womanhood caters to Black women, but our vision is for all marginalized people to have access to personalized, accessible mental health care and tools to live at their highest selves. Our first members can gain from our editorial journal, commune at our programming events, and apply for your own personal mental health plan through our curated consulting now on redefiningourwomanhood.com.

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