Artist Highlight - Josefina Barassi

Originally from Argentina, South America, Josefina Barassi is an artist residing in Houston, Texas. Barassi quit her career as an architect to become a full-time mother of two in the new foreign territory after moving to the United Staes. The transition forced her out of their comfort zone, and changed their preconceptions of the way they viewed life. Barassi rediscovered her calling to art; realizing it was inside of her all along.

"I've been embroidering a quilt that is a journal of the pandemic. I want to remember everything that's been happening and I hope it'll tell this story to generations to come.

This specific patch I embroidered in a fabric napkin (part of a wedding gift) is for me a symbol of perseverance. After three months of embroidering non stop about despair and death I decided to make something beautiful, and by doing so I realized I had learned a new skill and was deeply committed to this ongoing project. I suddenly felt proud of having gone so far all by myself. The quilt is now more than 16 ft long and growing every month. And so am I." - artist, Josefina Barassi

For more of her artwork, follow Josefina Barassi on Instagram at @jomabarassi

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